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The world of SEO services can be a murky one. Even if you have the analytics and data in hand, it can be difficult to determine what it all really means—and how you should react to improve your results.

Any company that is serious about establishing a powerful online presence, whether you’re based in Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, or Woodland Hills, SEO services can make this a reality for you. Perhaps you’ve even worked with an SEO company in Northridge, Canoga Park, or other neighborhood-specific areas. The more you are able to focus on SEO services with a local mindset, versus the whole Los Angeles area, the more you’re able to get a digital brand presence. The Search Consultant’s customized services have  helped many clients and companies accomplish increased web traffic and stellar rankings. Our goal as SEO consultants is to give you peace of mind—the ability to rely on experts who have worked across numerous industries and can decipher in-depth analytics with ease. With the tools and skills at our disposal, we can provide Los Angeles SEO services such as:

SEO Los Angeles Audits

We perform complete audits of your current SEO techniques as well as comprehensive reviews of past results to see if they incorporate SEO best practices. If you outsource your SEO work to an SEO company, we can determine if they’re reaching their full potential or employing obsolete methods. Many Los Angeles SEO companies as well as SEO companies in Northridge, Canoga Park SEO companies, and Woodland Hills SEO companies have been known to internationally outsource their work to minimize costs, and may be putting your website and business in jeopardy.

Los Angeles SEO Strategy Review

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything but your SEO still isn’t getting you the rankings you need? An SEO strategy review can determine what search engines see when they evaluate your site for ranking purposes. This includes a full report that details the exact strategy steps you can take to correct any issues and fill in any SEO service gaps.

Backlink Audit

Using proprietary tools, we can perform a full audit of your backlink profile, determine if any toxic links exists, and reveal why they’re detracting from your SEO performance (and how to fix them). This is an excellent—and often ignored—technique for revamping an existing SEO strategy for Los Angeles companies.

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About Sumant Vasan I’m a qualified Los Angeles SEO consultant running an SEO company in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. It’s my true passion to help companies increase their outreach and revenue through SEO services through online venues. My team and I are committed to delving into your website for search engine optimization while helping you troubleshoot and fine-tune your existing internet marketing strategy.  

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