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Keeping your business in front of your customers!

Retargeting is a highly effective and cost-effective internet marketing strategy that serves ads to people who have already visited your site and re-engage them with your brand & product. When it comes to encouraging the people who visit your site to take an action and convert, one visit may just not be enough – and that’s where retargeting comes in! Retargeting increases relevant traffic by bringing visitors back with eye catching ads that remind them about your website and the past items they viewed (with certain specialized campaigns). As you know, this is invaluable, as customers that have already visited your site and have taken the time to view your services or products, are much more likely to convert to business.



How Retargeting Works:

Once a potential customer has visited your site, Retargeting campaigns will serve them your ads on other sites they visit. If done correctly, they will see reminders of your brand and website on popular site such as CNN, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. In all, over 95% of the internet can serve them your ads! These browsers are more likely to click on a familiar ad and return to make a purchase.

Where and How does my Ad Get Seen?

Google has a handful (14 to be specific) of ad sizes that fit areas on millions of websites. If you create ads in these different sizes that are convincing and relevant (Which they will be since they will be served to past visitors) you are assured to increase your business. Facebook news feed ads and sidebar ads are very important as we all know how many of us browse social media channels throughout the day. Our Retargeting services not only target Google’s networks, but also Facebook and Twitter!



Bottom Line!

Don’t get left behind. The Retargeting revolution has begun, and your competitors are already honing in new business through it’s powerful marketing capabilities.

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