PPC Services


PPC, or paid search marketing is the fastest and most flexible way to get your website to the top of the search results when customers are looking for your type of services, and because you pay per click, it is simple to define the budget and ROI for your campaigns and marketing efforts. As an AdWords Certified Google Partner, I have the experience and the access to Google to help make your PPC campaigns successful. I serve clients in the Los Angeles area who are looking for immediate business. With measurable outcomes and costs that we can define and modify based on your budget, pay per click advertising can be a cost effective option to bring qualified leads to your site. To make certain you are maximizing your investment, your campaign should include:

  • PPC and Organic Strategy

  • In Depth Keyword research

  • Campaign creation and optimization

  • Landing page generation and split (A/B) testing

  • Reporting and analysis


Keyword Research and PPC Campaign Creation

Effective and thorough keyword research is the basis of any successful search engine marketing campaign. We use quality keyword research tools to help you identify the most profitable keywords to target. We then create your campaigns using best practices in PPC marketing to ensure that your campaigns have a high degree of success and ultimately drive qualified traffic your way.

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